#InspireChat – Who Are You?

On April 10th, we are relaunching our first #InspireChat. It will be called “Who Are You?”

Who Are You is going to be about introducing yourself. We are going to share names, but also will be asking about where you are from, your elevator pitch (if you have one), interests, and what labels you define yourself with. Of course, if you know me and remember our old chat — I will take it a bit deeper and dive into who you are even more.

Here are the sample questions:

  1. Please share your name and where you are from.
  2. What is your profession? Give us your elevator pitch.
  3. What hobbies do you regularly do?
  4. Why do you do these hobbies?
  5. What labels do you call yourself?
  6. Did you give yourself these labels or were they given to you?
  7. Which is your favorite label?
  8. What label do you wish you had?
  9. What can you do the have that label?

Our second chat is going to be a continuation of who you are — focusing on Labels.